Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions about the home buying, selling and financing features of our 123 Home Rewards Program.

What discounted services do you arrange for participants in the program?
1-2-3 HomeKeys can arrange major rebates on real estate brokerage fees when program participants sell or buy homes. They will also receive a $1,000 lender credit if they use our lender affiliate.

Why would experienced, professional agents offer discounts on their fees?
Agents incur major costs to obtain prospective homebuyers or homeowners wanting to sell their homes. When we make a prospective buyer or seller available to one of the agents in our network, that agent enjoys major savings of both money and time.

How does 1-2-3 HomeKeys make money?
Agents in the network pay a referral fee to 1-2-3 HomeKeys each time they close an escrow on a referred client. We pass the majority of the referral fee back to our client in the form of a cash rebate and keep a portion of that fee to cover our expenses.

How can I be assured my employee or member will be referred to an ethical and professional agent?
Because of our unique structure, we are free to select the best agents from leading national real estate firms and, where appropriate, regional and local real estate companies. 1-2-3 HomeKeys selects and carefully screens each agent using very high standards for qualification. It is important to note that our selected agents pay no fees or dues. They are admitted to the network strictly on merit and their customer service history.

Once referred to an agent, does 1-2-3 HomeKeys continue to assist my employee/member?
Yes. An assigned Personal Transaction Assistant will be available by telephone, FAX or e-mail from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific Time, Monday through Friday to answer any questions and/or solve any problems.

When does my employee or member receive their rebate?
Home sellers receive their rebates within 15 days following close of escrow. Homebuyers’ rebates are credited to cover transaction closing costs.

If you have more questions, or need clarification on any topic related to 123 Home rewards, please call 877-880-3093.