Rewards Program

A Valuable Addition to Your Benefits Package at No Cost to Your Organization or to Your Employees/Members

123 Home Rewards adds an extraordinary, no-cost component to your benefits package.
It provides home buying and selling assistance from the top real estate agents in our network, and makes thousands of dollars in cash rebates and discounts available to participants when they are ready to sell or buy homes.

Our Rebate Savings Table displays rebate amounts in relation to the sale price of a home.

Your employee or member, as a 123 Home Rewards participant, may choose to use the program to sell or buy. When your employee wants to sell a home and plans to purchase another, he or she can receive rebates on both transactions. The only requirements are that participants in the Rewards Program pre-qualify for a loan and use only the real estate agents in our network, who make the rebates possible by contributing a percent of their commissions to the program.

To help you promote the program, we can provide materials, such as brochures, posters, newsletter articles to help communicate the details and benefits. You can also take advantage of our 123 Home Rewards Web site that explains the program and its features in greater detail.