How We Do This

This Might Seem Too Good to Be True. But It’s Not Even Complicated.

How can 1-2-3 HomeKeys add a huge component to your benefits package, providing home buying and selling assistance from top real estate agents and paying thousands of dollars in cash rebates to your employees or members when they sell or buy homes? And do it all at no cost?

Here’s how it works

The 123 Home Rewards Real Estate Agent Network is comprised of participating agents who give back shares of their commissions in exchange for cost-saving services they receive from us. These funds are turned over to Rewards Program participants as cash rebates. There are no fees or charges of any kind to participating organizations, their employees or members.

The size of a rebate is determined by the amount of the home sale. See our Rebate Savings Table. Rebates are paid to program participants by 1-2-3 HomeKeys within 15 working days after close of escrow.

Participants are not limited in the kinds of homes they can purchase, or where they are located, as long as they buy or sell in one of the 39 states where we are permitted to provide cash rebates through our controlled network. If someone sells a home and plans to purchase another, he or she can receive rebates for both transactions.

To support your participation in the 123 Rewards Program, we provide brochures, posters and other promotional material you can use to communicate program details, including informative articles for your company or membership newsletters.