123 Home Rewards Program Overview

123 Home Rewards Program Overview

123 Home Rewards and its many benefits are made possible by 1-2-3 HomeKeys and its established, nation-wide network of real estate agents. In this sought-after referral program, these experienced agents contribute shares of their commissions whenever sales are brought to them by 1-2-3 HomeKeys, making thousands of dollars available to buyers and sellers.

123 Home Rewards is cost free to your organization and its employees or members. 1-2-3 HomeKeys manages the entire transaction process, leaving nothing for you to do but absorb the good will and loyalty from grateful employees or association members who have just enjoyed a cash windfall.

How we work with you

Step 1
We provide brochures, posters, newsletter articles and an informative Web site to educate program participants about the benefits of the program.

Step 2
When your member or employee is ready to buy or sell a home, all he needs to do is get pre-qualified for a loan. Then one phone call to 1-2-3 HomeKeys gets things started.

Step 3
We assign a Personal Transaction Assistant (PTA) to each participant in the program. The PTA assigns the network real estate agent and stays in touch throughout the transaction, providing updates and handling details. The PTA notifies the real estate agent about the referral. The agent then calls and arranges a meeting with his new client at your employee’s (or member’s) convenience.

Step 4
Every detail of the transaction is handled by the real estate agent and monitored by the PTA, who is always available to answer questions.

Step 5
In the event that issues arise or problems occur, the PTA will provide support and assistance until resolution.

Step 6
Your program participant will receive his or her cash rebate, paid by 1-2-3 HomeKeys, within 15 days after close of the transaction.

Our Commitment to Your Organization

We are committed to providing your employees or members the best possible service and value when they participate in 123 Home Rewards. Specifically, they will receive:

  1. A substantial rebate, paid by check, representing reduced commission fees for real estate services.
  2. Representation from a Realtor® who is professional, trustworthy and responsive.
  3. The flexibility to conduct their business at a time and in a manner that is convenient to them.
  4. Priority attention given their interests in the sale or purchase of a property.
  5. Freedom from the complexities of selling or buying a home – their real estates agent and Personal Transaction Assistant will handle all details.
  6. Timely progress reports at every step in their transaction.
  7. Prompt and professional responses to questions and inquiries about their transaction.
  8. Experience and professionalism in preparing and executing a marketing strategy to sell your program participant’s home, including full MLS and Internet exposure for listings.
  9. Home buying options that serve your employee’s or member’s interests, not the agent’s.
  10. The opportunity to evaluate their agent’s performance, providing us information, which will help maintain customer service standards.